Woodruff chiropractic medicine
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Scott C. Woodruff D.C., DACNB
Chiropractic Physician
Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist



Treatment provided in our clinic is customized for each individual patient. We offer an advanced approach to conservative health care, frequently integrating multiple therapies for a holistic approach.

Clinical experience has shown us that health problems causing patients to seek out professional help are commonly caused by multiple factors. Treatment that addresses only one component of a health problem may certainly lead to symptom relief, however, such an approach may neither promote full restoration of function, nor optimize health to prevent future problems.

Traditional chiropractic manipulative techniques are very effective in reducing pain and restoring function, even in isolation of any other interventions. This is why Chiropractic as a profession has flourished, in spite of political and professional oppression. When interventions such as therapeutic exercise, acupuncture, and nutritional therapies are combined with skilled manual therapies, health outcomes can improve exponentially.

In our clinic, patients are encouraged to make informed decisions about which types of care are right for them. Please refer to the brief descriptions of various types of treatment that we offer in our clinic on subsequent web pages.